Relationships Last Not Because They Were Destined To Last. Relationships Last Long Because Two People Made A Choice To Keep It, Fight For It, And Work For It. 

All relationships go through ups and downs. All of them need work, commitment, and willingness to adapt to make them work. Whether you have just started going out or have been together for several years, you need to learn how to connect with each other and enjoy lasting happiness. Relationships will not last if you leave it up on fate. You need to take control of your relationship, talk deep, and honestly with your partner so that both of you can share a common goal. 

No two people think in the same way, and it can create a lot of conflicts in relationships. Most couples bailout during conflicts thinking that it was not meant to be. The truth is that it takes hard work for a relationship to last. Both people in the relationships need to have that will to stay together and keep moving forward. Instead of trying to see conflicts as a way out or feel threatened, it is essential to take it as an opportunity to grow together. Here are some tips that will help you resolve conflict in a relationship in a healthy manner.

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Do Not Sweat the Small Stuff

Instead of worrying and making small things a battle, agree together that you won’t make a mountain of a molehill. Remember that disagreement doesn’t have to be an argument. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to agree to everything that the other person says. Take your time to find the truth first and react only after that.

Learn to Practice Acceptance

If you find yourself in the middle of a conflict, always remember where the other person might be coming from. Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and listen to what the person has to say. Even if you might try to understand what they are thinking, it is only they who can explain clearly what they are thinking.

Be Patient

It can be difficult not to react harshly in the heat of the moment. But, take a step back and decide what you wish to do next. If required, revisit the discussion at a later time when the tension has subsided a little. It is the best deal to deal with a conflict maturely.

Do Not Make it Personal

When there is a conflict, try to focus only on the behavior of the other person. So not talk about personal characteristics and try to hurt the other person deliberately. Talk about what behavior of their upset them and not what is ‘wrong’ with the other person.

Clarify the Action

The chances are that your partner was not trying to hurt you. Try to clarify what the person meant by the action and not what you perceived it. So make sure that you talk to them and make things clear between the two of you.

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Objective Should be to Solve the Problem

When you are trying to resolve the conflict, it should not be an objective to win the fight. You need to resist the urge to feed your ego by being right. You want to be happy rather than be right.

Accept the Other Person’s Response

Once you both have shared your feelings, accept their responses. Do not try to overthink and take their response at its face value.

When a conflict occurs in a relationship, you need to leave the past behind and ask yourself how important the other person is to you. Do not try to force a solution as you both are a team. Move forward together, and you will be able to overcome any rough patch along the way. No matter what the future holds for your relationship, you should be happy that you gave it the best chance that it deserves.