Just because I carry it all so well doesn’t mean it’s not heavy.

just because I carry it all so well doesn't mean it's not heavy

Our lives are full of ups and downs, and it is what defines the true essence of life. However, everyone can glide through the ups in life smoothly, but the true test is how you react to the downs. Do the ‘lows’ in your life knocks you down so bad that you find it difficult to get up or you do everything in your power to pull yourself up and move ahead, and even more strongly this time.

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There would be good times in your life, and there would be bad times, and similarly, you would come across good people in your life and the bad ones. The bad ones would hurt you, and instead of apologizing for what they did to you may shift the blame on you and make your emotional situation worse. It would put you in a state of guilt that might be hard to get over with, but it is essential that you don’t stop in any junction of your life for too long, and continue to move ahead.

However, it cannot be denied that bad experiences leave a small hole in our heart that, at times, is never filled. Filling such emotional gaps becomes difficult because it might the first love of your life who betrayed you or your best friend who left by your side when you needed him the most or your business partner who cheated on you to put you in debt took years off your progress. Many of us have had similar experiences where the people most close to us has betrayed our trust and made it difficult even to trust the idea of “trust”, if you know what I mean.

life is tough

With time, we learn to let go and move on. While we continue to smile, laugh, go about our daily affairs, managing our responsibilities, and so on, we do know there is a wound inside us that would never heal. We learn to carry it well so as not to affect others around us, including our friends, colleagues, and family. People with strong character do not like to display their emotions flamboyantly as it puts them in a vulnerable spot. People close to you may know that you have been badly hurt and know that the pain remains, but it becomes a subject matter not many likes to touch. And, you know, understand, and respect it.

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Whether it is a painful divorce or a business shutdown or any other incident that wrecked your world upside down, such pain doesn’t leave you easily. It teaches you many lessons that fill your wisdom bucket, makes you wiser, and matures you. Such pain has the potential to cause a whirlwind of emotions in you, just like the first impact whenever you think of it, but you don’t know to show it. In a relationship, when a person has breached your trust in any way, but you have allowed it to pass for the greater good of relationship – you become a bigger person. However, it also makes you accountable for holding on to the pain you’ve felt when your trust was breached. Such emotional pain is heavy to carry for sure, but you learn to live with it, hide it, and yet move on knowing well that you did what you had to do.

You get so good at hiding it that the other person feels that you’ve completely forgotten about the past mistakes. But it is not true. The real truth is that you might have forgiven, but haven’t forgotten and never will. Similarly, there are other instances in life that may give you tremendous pain and leave voids that are hard to fill, but you do know that if you are still breathing, you need to move on. And, since you have one life to live as you – you might live it up rather than sulking in sadness.