I know good men still exist because I am lucky enough to have one. 

good men exist

In your day to day life, you will often come across people who are rude to others for no reason. Maybe you are traveling on a public bus and see two people fighting for a petty reason, and one of them is simply abusing the other one for a small reason that ideally shouldn’t have escalated. Or, maybe your boss blasted you for no reason and said that things that were unnecessary just because you submitted the assignment an hour late. Not every conflict or dispute is unjust, but if you analyze deeply, the majority of them can be avoided if you take out ego, attitude, and emotional complexes out of it.

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When it comes to women and relationships, many women have been betrayed before or had bitter experiences in the past and have simply lost hope of finding a good man. Many of them have started to believe that a good man doesn’t exist anymore. It is from such beliefs that the saying “All men are dogs,” has started. However, it is a false belief that can’t be further from the truth. There are still men out there who wouldn’t hesitate to help old men cross the road, buy a meal for the homeless, work round the clock to feed his family, and more. The world is filled with such examples and good men, and generalizing the entire men population based on one or two bad experiences is wrong.

I know this for a fact because I am in a relationship with a man who works hard to take care of me and our entire family. Never in my life have I seen him criticizing someone for pulling them down but only constructive criticism to set them on the right path. My man has been there by my side through ups and downs and has ensured that I don’t give up in the face of challenges, but has stood by me as a support system that I can lean on without thinking twice. He lets me be me and doesn’t try to change me in any way. He lets me face my own struggles while letting me know he is there whenever I need him, and it is what has reaffirmed my stance on the belief that good men still exist in every nooks and corner of the world. You have to find the right man, and I cannot deny that luck does play its role in finding such a gem.

Loves you the way you are

One of the best qualities of my man is that he is not only in love with me but also my imperfections. He knows for a fact that I am not the best and never would be, but he keeps on reminding me that he doesn’t need the perfect one when he has me. He loves me the way I am and doesn’t try to mold me into his vision of perfect women (not that he has one), but I know for a fact that there are men out there who continues to try and change their women into what they are not natural. It becomes a bone of contention in a marriage or relationship that eventually leads to rift, disputes, separation, and divorce.

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Stands by you through thick and thin

The real test of a man is when he doesn’t leave your side when you need him the most. It is the measure of any real relationship as well to be your partner through thick and thin. My men have been by my side when I was unwell, and my health situation made me look nothing I like used to. However, in those moments, instead of thinking about my looks, the only thing that mattered to him that I am out of danger and would live to be by his side.

He is my soul mate

As we grow older, we realize that physical beauty is temporary. Still, it is all about finding the soul mate who continues to fill you up with positivity and drains out any negativity that may make a home in you. My man is my soul mate and the classic example of how a man should be. He works hard to feed his family, doesn’t complain about it, and neither bags for any credit. He understands it is his responsibility to be the support system of the family and goes the extra mile without being pushed. I couldn’t have asked for more. He has helped me get over my wounds of past, colored my present with joy and happiness, and has filled me with hopes for the future.

I know good men exist because I am lucky enough to have.