Texting: A Brilliant Way to Miscommunicate How You Feel and Misinterpret What Other People Mean.


The world of technology has bought us closer in many ways, mainly because there are so many means of communication available today that weren’t available earlier. However, while the technology has helped in ways more than one to streamline the communication, it has, in its own way, reduced the human touch from our communication. Face to face conversation has reduced drastically due to other modes of communication channels available today. One of the means of communication that has become hugely popular and widely used today is texting. People text all the time, and while there is no doubt in the fact that it is highly helpful, it can sometimes lead to miscommunication as well.

Lack of Human Touch and Feel

One of the biggest problems with texting is that it lacks the personal feel and appeal of face to face conversation. There is a huge difference in the way you communicate your feelings to your partner when you hug her and whisper “I Love you” in her ear and when you text “I Love You” to her. Texting is useful, but it can never replace face to face conversation and how it can represent your true feelings. When you have a face to face conversation, it is not only your words that you convey but also your expressions. Body language speaks a lot about how you truly feel when you are talking or saying something, and it is something that texting can never convey.

Texting Can’t Communicate Emotions, Always

While you may choose to send a long text to someone to say what and how you feel, the emotions you want to convey can never be fully expressed. No matter how vast your vocabulary is, no words can fully describe your tears or your smile or the spark in your eyes. Irrespective of the emotions in your words, what your facial expressions can convey can never be replaced by text.

textingIn fact, texting has made today’s relationships more mundane and dry from emotions. When you are dealing with an emotionally challenging situation, never trust text to communicate how you feel because there are high chances that it would be misinterpreted. Even when technology has made communication easier and seamless, the value of face to face conversations still holds to date. People hold on and wait for face to face meeting to convey important messages and have real conversations because some conversations can never and should never be had over text or even call for that matter.

Misinterpretation is Highly Likely

One of the common issues in a relationship is lack of communication, and sometimes, it can also be due to the mode of communication. In our daily lives, we have become highly dependent on texting and other means of communication lines to communicate, and rightly so. However, when it comes to relationships, texting can often lead to misinterpretation. You should not trust texting for meaningful conversations because what you say might not be received just as you want it.

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Miscommunication and misinterpretation can lead to misunderstanding, which can easily break the trust that took years to build. If not corrected in a proper manner, it can even lead to a broken relationship and heartbreak. The bottom line is that you should not trust text for every kind of conversation because there are some personal and touching conversations that can only be held in person.

Texting isn’t enough at times

In short, you cannot propose the love of your life in the text, just like you cannot announce the death of a loved one to a relative over a text. Similarly, there are situations in life that require you to be there in person when communicating something important. It is a mark of respect as well as shows you really care. Ask yourself how you would feel if someone texted just what you are going to text to someone – will it convey not only the message but also the emotions? If yes, then go ahead, and if no, then wait to meet in person to say what you want to say and how you feel.

It makes a lot of difference, and most of all, you would be there to see the reaction. If it is bad news, you can be the shoulder they can lean on, and if it is good news, you would be there to celebrate together. If it is something really important to your job or business, you would be able to explain it just the way you’ve it in your head elaborately. Your convincing power and body language would collectively help in closing that long-awaited deal. So, do use text to communicate for sure, but do know when texting isn’t enough.