Sister (n.) a person who’s been where you’ve been; someone you can call when things aren’t going right. A sister is more than family; a sister is a forever friend. 

sister: someone who's been where you've been

No matter how many friends you have or how big your social circle is, you’ll always turn to your family in times of need. And, in family, sister is who you can turn to whenever you need to share something without inhibitions. At times, you’re faced with challenges and situations in life that you cannot even discuss with your parents.

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However, you do not have to think twice when discussing it with your sister and taking her advice. The best part is that your sister would standby you formidably even when others don’t, including your family. Whether it is your elder sister or younger sister, they are very protective about their siblings and do not mind going the extra mile to protect you.

It is this affinity for the siblings that makes sisters a blessing from God. Often in life, we face challenges that we aren’t prepared for equipped with to combat head-on. It not only pulls you down but puts you in an emotional state of mind that needs a bit of motivation and encouragement. The kind of social dynamics presents today has made it difficult for the people to honestly confide in others, even when if it is your best friend, and it is where the role of a sister plays a vital role.

You can simply call your sister and share whatever you want to, and rest assured of finding the clarity you are looking for from that discussion. A sister would always want the best for you and help you identify the mistakes you are making and put you on the right path.

The best part is that the sister is not afraid of criticizing you, even if it sounds bitter to you. Sometimes, a bit of criticism is necessary to help us understand where we are going in life – personally and professionally. It helps in putting things in perspective and providing that much-needed clarity to get on the right path. A sister, whether elder or younger, is not afraid to speak the truth to you.

A sister is a best friendFor example, if you find a partner for yourself and introduce him or her to your sister, she would be upfront in speaking her opinion about the person. If your sister doesn’t like your partner, she won’t hide her feelings about the person and even go on to explain what makes her feel that way. There might be a few obvious things in love that we overlook even when others can see it clearly.

Your sister is the person who can be your guide in revealing those open secrets to you so that you can safeguard your feelings and emotions from getting hurt. Even if she may come across as rude and insensitive at times in her endeavor to be protective for you, rest assured she means well for you and has her heart at the right place.

There would be times in your life when you just don’t know who to trust and who to confide your feelings in. When in confusion, call your sister. She is the one you can always trust to be there by your side and show you the right path, irrespective of how difficult the journey may seem. Your sister would not only guide you but would provide you the encouragement and motivation you need to pull yourself up after a defeat and get back in the battleground.

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She will help you ground your fears and get rid of your insecurities to be ready for any challenges that life may throw at you. Whether you want to share good news or a piece of bad news, your sister is the one who you can lean on and speak your heart out without having second thoughts. A sister is protective like a mother, friendly like a brother, and is a father figure you can turn to with eyes closed.