I pray you heal from things no one ever apologized for.

I pray you heal from hings no one apologized for

It is not easy to be hurt and move on without getting a closure that you were looking for. There would be people in your life that would hurt you and leave you alone to suffer. There would be situations in your life that would hurt you and make you feel alone, and while you may be surrounded by tons of people, it would leave you isolated emotionally. Not everything that happens in life will reach your desired conclusion. 

You may feel that someone has wronged you and hurt you tremendously, but it isn’t necessary that the other person would feel the same way. The best way to handle such situations is to move on and live in the moment. Do not let the past affect your future negatively. If you cling on to the past and keep on looking for closure – the suffering would continue to multiply.

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Move On Anyways

It is hurting for sure, but it doesn’t make sense to wait for the people to realize their mistake before you choose to move on. At times, you might feel the urge to take revenge from the people or person who hurt you, but ask yourself, is it worth it? It makes absolutely no sense to indulge in planning and plotting something as negative as revenge when you’ve got on life. There are so many better things to do in life rather than engage in hurting someone who hurt you. Let the Karma do its job while you move on in life and reach your goals.

Moving ahead in life irrespective of how many challenges you may have to face and achieving your goals is always a better feeling than hurting someone – even if that person is your enemy. A person with a strong character would even feel bad for his or her enemy when hurt, and it would only make you feel worse for taking revenge. Move on in life, and don’t wait for an apology. Time is too precious to dwell into suffering caused by anyone else. You cannot stop others from hurting you at times in your life, but you can control your attitude and reaction.

Hurt helps you Grow

Getting hurt is part and parcel of life, and it is how we grow, get wiser, and mature as a human being. Such emotional life experiences are needed for us to know who is right or wrong for our future. It is what helps us make our filter net even finer so that we can get rid of people who aren’t good for our future. Some people will hurt you and blame you instead, and there is nothing you can do about these people.

The best way is to move on instead of indulging further with such people as it only contributes to making your life more complicated. Focus on your growth and the lessons you learned from your mistakes. Even if you didn’t get the closure or an apology, it is a lesson learned that would provide you shield from making such mistakes again. It is only a loss if you don’t learn from your mistakes and continue to repeat your mistakes.

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Time heals everything

In life, there would always be a few unfinished chapters. There would always be puzzles the answers of which you would never get. In these chapters, you might be the one on the receiving end, and people who wronged you might have never apologized to you. Forgive them in your mind and your heart and move on with your life. When you forgive, it liberates you from the need for closure. It provides you the strength to heal yourself and doesn’t make you dependent on someone else’s approval. Time is the best healer. As you move on with life, you’ll continue to get the strength and the momentum you need to take off the latch of the past and celebrate the present and hope for the future.