A strong woman doesn’t seek revenge. She moves on and lets karma do her dirty work.

A strong woman

The idea of revenge may feel good in your head and your imagination, but it doesn’t serve the purpose that you think it does. When you take revenge, it may feel good for a while, but in the end, you would feel being dragged down to the level of the person from whom you take the revenge. In other words, it is simply not worth it.

Women are programmed differently than men in every possible way, and while they love the idea of revenge, a strong woman would prefer to move on and achieve their life goals rather than lose precious time of their life in strategizing revenge. A strong woman believes in the fact that being successful in the face of people who were against them or want them to fail is the best revenge.

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Wasting energy in planning and plotting revenge is not worth it, and the same energy should be directed towards achieving life goals. Women these days are more ambitious than ever before in the history of humanity, and it has been scientifically proved that they are more focused than men. When a woman sets a goal, they usually don’t stop till they have reached it.

A strong woman is the one who understands that in life, they would come across a variety of people, and not all of them would be good to them or mean well. It is this understanding that allows them to look at the bigger picture and move on when someone wrongs them. While women do trust easily, a strong woman has a conscience that allows them to forgive and move on when they are wronged.



It is because they believe in “Karmic Retribution,” which means that in due time, people would pay for the sins they have done. Wasting time in planning and taking revenge is a waste of time for someone they believe doesn’t deserve any more attention, even when it is for the sake of revenge.

Women do hold on to grudges for longer than men, but they do not let those grudges come in the way of their life goals. A strong woman knows not only how to control their emotions, but to balance them in a way that it doesn’t overwhelm them. No matter how much you try, you would come across people in your life that would hurt you. The challenge is to move on without letting it distract you from what you set out to achieve. Life is too precious to waste on negative actions and emotions like revenge and hatred, respectively.

When you are hurt, you have the option to give in to the hurtful emotions and drown in sorrow or come out stronger. The best revenge is to be happy and simply ignore the people who don’t mean you well. It is rightly said that you cannot change everybody, but you can change the people around you. Throughout life, you’ll continuously have to filter out people who aren’t good for you, including the ones who have harmed you, hurt you, and caused you stress.

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A strong woman doesn’t dive deeper into the well of sorrow but chooses to be stronger and wiser when hurt. It is rightly said that “Karma is a bitch.” It bites where it hurts the most, and if you’re guilty of something and think that no one knows about it, think again. Karma is the cosmic cycle where every action has a positive or negative reaction and depends directly on the action. You get back what you do unto others.

It is a saying that has stood the test of time through thousands of years and continues to hold its ground to date. Women understand that everyone will pay for their misgivings sooner or later, and thus, there is no point in getting hands dirty for petty revenge that can only provide momentary excitement but a lifetime of regret.