A healthy relationship is one where two independent people just make a deal that they will help make the other person the best version of themselves.

A healthy relationshipIn life, there is always a scope of getting better. At times, we don’t see where we are going wrong or what mistakes we are making until being pointed out. Having a partner who is continuously giving you a reality check and mirroring your mistakes to you is a blessing. A partner is not the one who says yes to your every yes and agrees to whatever you do, even if it is wrong. A true-meaning relationship is one where the partner would go to any lengths to protect you, even if it is protecting you from you. It causes differences, conflicts, and misunderstandings, but a real partner never gives up.

A healthy relationship shows you the mirror image you “need” to see of yourself

It is the sign of a healthy relationship – whether it is your best friend or partner. When you are in a relationship with someone who truly loves you and cares for you, that person will go to any extent to ensure that you are on the right path. To stay on the right path and ensure you are not distracted, it takes a lot of courage and determination. You’ll have to compromise a lot and even change your habits and adapt to new character traits that benefit you. Sometimes it takes a bit of external push from someone to improve yourself, and it is your partner or friend who can guide you in the right direction. A healthy relationship is one that pushes you towards positivity and provides you the strength to overcome the challenges. Only sweet talks don’t make a relationship; there has to be substance in the relationship for it to last.

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Healthy relationship acts as a shoulder you can lean on

Everyone wants to improve with time and get rid of bad habits and character traits that pull them back. It is easier said than done, and it needs real encouragement, determination, and hard work to achieve that. It is this consistency that comes in when you have a partner who always has your back. When you are in a relationship with someone who you can rely on with your eyes closed, knowing well that there is someone who would pull you up when you fall, is a real blessing.

healthy relationshipInterdependency in a relationship builds trust and understanding

Relationships are not easy to build, and it is not just the physical attraction that helps in ensuring the relationship last. It is the effort they both put into each other that makes the relationship interdependent. It is this kind of interdependency that helps the person understands the true meaning of a relationship and is beneficial for the relationship not only to last longer, but for both the person involved to grow together, improve together, and combat through every life challenges together.

Healthy relationship lets you shake off egoistic illusions

We grow as time passes in many different ways, and it is due to the maturity triggered by the life experiences and the lessons from the mistakes made. At times, we are too rigid to learn from the mistakes and continue to make the same mistakes or follow the same dark path that leads to nowhere. Being in a healthy relationship helps you identify your mistakes before its too late and gives you that much-needed shake you need to get rid of layers of illusion you might be in. However, the onus is not always on the partner to help you with continually improving but also on you.

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Ultimately, the onus is on you!

While your partner would always push you towards positivity and positive changes in life that help you become a better version of you – it is you who is on the driving seat. Be willing to accept your mistakes and imperfections, and to change for good. Such changes need you to be in touch with reality, and most of all needs you to be humble and full of gratitude. If you are too proud and hinge towards a narcissistic attitude, it would be difficult to not only change but to maintain a healthy relationship in the first place.