Narcissist (n.) They Tend to Deny Flaws in Themselves and Put the Blame on Others for Their Personal Shortcomings, Misfortunes, and Mistakes.


Narcissist people are too full of themselves and can’t see imperfection in themselves, but are prompt in pinpointing fingers at others. It is essential to love yourself first before you love others, because if you can’t love yourself, how will you give love to others? However, overdoing it is what makes you enter into the category of being a narcissist. Such people are often repulsive, and it is essential to know if you are turning into one because when you go on to become a narcissist, it would end up impairing your relationship and hamper your image in front of others. People wouldn’t want to get too close to you and would keep a safe distance as they know it would only lead to conflicts and hurt.

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It is primarily because narcissists people are unable to see where they are going wrong or what wrong they have already done. Thinking yourself to be perfect is the first mistake you make. Be open-minded and do know that you are a human being and can make mistakes. There is no harm in acknowledging that you have shortcomings and that you would make mistakes in the journey of life. If you do not accept your flaws, it is a form of disrespect to those who are trying to help you realize your flaws.

Narcissist people are too protective and form a shield around themselves because inside, they are very vulnerable. It is this layer of protection they build around themselves is what doesn’t let others get into their life very easily. I am not trying to tell that narcissist people are always bad, but it is just this characteristic of being closed-minded that often leads to disruption in their lives, relationships, and even work. While they are trying to find out what caused the problems externally, they forget to look inside themselves. It is this one-sided blindness that doesn’t allow them to see problems in themselves while they continue to blame others for the problems in their lives.


The worst thing is that the narcissism oozes arrogance in huge amounts. When you replace kindness and being grateful with arrogance, it limits the possibilities in your life. It neither lets your relationship with others go smoothly nor lets you get close to anyone. Moreover, the narcissist people are unable to trust anybody, and when you aren’t able to trust anyone, it doesn’t let you love anyone with your heart and soul. It is this inability to love someone truly makes the narcissist people miss out on experiencing one of the most beautiful emotions called love.

Even when they may be surrounded by people who truly love them, they don’t open the door to their lives easily and are neither able to feel it in its entirety. Even when they do finally find love, it is overbearing for the partner and is riddled with issues, while they collectively try to show the world everything is wonderful in their lives.

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Being kind and filled with gratitude is one of the first steps to part ways with narcissism. The next step is to realize that you are human after all and that you’ll make mistakes, and it is okay to make them. If the pattern in your life continues to hint in the direction that something is wrong with you, and not others, there is no harm in retrospection and introspecting. It will help you identify if narcissism has crept into your character silently as well, and give you the opportunity to correct your approach and attitude.

One of the factors that make narcissistic people like the way they are is their inflated ego. They feel everyone loves them, but the reality might be just different. Narcissist people might be successful but aren’t the most loved ones. It is their ego that doesn’t let them see the reality as it is and keeps them from making any necessary changes in their life. Even when the whole world disapproves of them, they will continue to stand by their beliefs and not even consider accepting their mistakes.

In the end, they end up being lonely, even when they are surrounded by tons of people. Choose to be open-minded and understand the fact that everyone makes mistakes, and it is what makes us human. When you hear your heartbeat and know how vulnerable you are as a human being, you’ll learn to treasure smaller things in life and acknowledge the importance of love, trust, and respect. It is this acknowledgment that would let you come out of your hardshell and see what narcissistic behavior has done to you and how your inflated ego has taken over your life. Repair the damages while you still can before it’s too late.