You may have known him for his golf, but Tiger Woods has a different side of him too, something which is not shown in the public. A side that shows him to be a generous and down-to-earth personality. If you look at a celebrity, you have high expectations from them. They know your expectations. But few are able to stay strong in that zone where they are an inspiration to many, and yet deliver on the expectations. Tiger Woods seems to be that person.

Harold Varner III is a professional golfer and he was about to be paired with Tiger Woods. The Masters of 2019 was coming in close and the pressure was on him. The pressure was double because Varner, like so many young golfers, idealized Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods was someone who himself brought charisma and pressure with his own majestic presence. While thinking about this entire thing, Varner suddenly remembers his other friend – Meggs. Varner and Meggs were friends since they were 10 and they played golf together at the junior level. They remained in touch even after Meggs got the Arnold Palmer Scholarship and became PGA teaching professional.

Things, however, took a massive turn when Meggs discovered that he had cancer.

Before, when Varner wanted to take an autograph from the Master himself, Woods rejected him. Maybe he was too busy or preoccupied. Varner did not take the rejection to heart. But now that he got a chance to talk to Woods, he told him about him and about Meggs. He told Woods that Meggs idealized him as much as Varner did.

And Woods came out with a brilliant plan.

Woods decided to record a short video as a tribute to Meggs. In the video, he told Varner that he just needs to stay put and fight the disease. He encouraged him to keep staying healthy. Such a heartfelt message hit home not only with Varner and Meggs, but it also meant a lot to the fans of Tiger Woods. They were really touched by this wonderful gesture of this wonderful man.

The video was really very honest. It was not done haphazardly for the sake of doing it. Tiger Woods really felt the pain of a cancer patient and really wanted to give out a heartfelt encouragement. He really wanted the guy to fight against his cancer – he was invested in every frame of the movie. When Meggs saw his face and listened to his message, he was just too excited to make a sound!

Meggs knew that it was Varner who made such a wonderful thing take place. Varner had actually gone out of his way to get a video from the Master. Meggs was humbled. He called Varner and told him that now, he could die with a lot of peace. Tiger Wood’s video was something that he never thought would happen in his lifetime. And with that accomplished, cancer seemed just a thing to sweat out till death comes to him.

That was not all the Meggs got though. He also got a call from the famous Jack Nicklaus. Even Ricky Fowler wanted to make it better for Meggs and so, he sent over wonderful memorabilia – a signed hat of his own. Clearly, Meggs was in cloud 9 after all these wonderful things happened almost consecutively. What started as a video by Tiger Woods soon snowballed into a golfer’s dream come true. You can imagine how Meggs must have felt. He might have felt like a celebrity himself.

Tiger Woods

He and Varner were just laughing on the phone. Finally, Meggs did mention that he really needed something like this video and the encouragement. It is clear that he was falling into depression. Plus, his 29th birthday was coming in and these were wonderful gifts that one could expect on their birthday. Good things were, in fact, coming in fast. Woods was even able to win his Masters – the fifth time for him. It’s a great time for all golf fans.

Varner, though a professional and famous golfer, was going through a few bad spells a couple of days. He missed out on four cuts and ended up with the best results of the 23rd. There were talks about him being paired up with Woods, but then, Wood did not want to play that week and so, that match got canceled. However, so many good events happening to his friend made him feel confident. Good things were about to come to him too – he just had to wait it out. He remembered Wood’s advice that playing golf was almost like reading a book while the TV is running at high volume – you need to keep your focus intact in one place.

Varner seems to have his focus on one place though – his dream of inspiring the children in his hometown, near Gastonia, N.C.

And he doesn’t seem to be backing up from this plan.