This news sounds like a miracle and maybe it is. A woman who was severely injured after an accident back in the year 1991 has woken up from her vegetative state after more than two decades!

First, What Is Coma?

It is a deep state of prolonged unconsciousness where the person cannot be awakened. He or she cannot respond to any stimuli, be it light or sound. The patient is unable to perform any voluntary actions. There is an absence of wakefulness, i.e., they can’t speak or move.

What Causes Coma?

There can be a lot of reasons why a person goes into a coma. It could be because of some traumatic brain injuries, a severe stroke, a tumor,

Diabetes or exposure to toxins such as carbon monoxide or lead, drugs, and alcohol. To be simply put, it is the result of a massive shock to the body, especially the brain.

What Are The Complications?

Every case of the coma has some specific results and symptoms. The common complications that can arise are entering a state of stupor, a persistent vegetative state where the patients don’t know what is happening around them. If this state lasts more than 12 months then the scope of recovery is very less. Patients may also enter a minimally conscious state where they can process some information while seemingly being unresponsive. The most dangerous case is that of brain death whereby the brain ceases to function normally and other organs need machines to stay active.

A Ray Of Hope

While all this may sound extremely depressing, there are some special cases too. Hence, they are sometimes called miracles. Munira Abdulla met with a car accident when she picking her son from school. Her son suffered minor injuries as he sat in the backseat, and was cradled by her just before the collision. Munira went into a coma as she suffered from massive brain injuries.

Omar Webair, her son, never gave up on her. He hoped every single day that she’ll call him. Even when everyone around him lost hope, he held on to his gut feeling for twenty-seven years! Recently he shared this incredible story with a newspaper called The National because he wanted to spread a message. Usually, the family members of coma patients believe that they are almost dead and there is no scope of survival. Omar’s story will give them the strength to fight their inner struggles. He remembers the last few moments before the accident when he was cradled by his mother who thought of protecting him and not anything else. The unconditional love of his mother saved him from the fatal blow, and his invincible will brought her back.

The Continuous Process Of Treatment

After the accident, Munira was taken to a hospital in the UAE but was then shifted to London. The doctors declared that she was in a vegetative state where she would not respond to stimuli but could feel pain. Her medical insurance policies required her to be in the UAE for a couple of years. During this time, she had to be fed with the help of a tube and underwent physiotherapy. This helped her find nourishment and prevented her muscles from becoming stiff. Seeing their plight, a government body in Abu Dhabi, the Crown Prince Court, gave aid to Omair and his family. She was shifted to Germany.

Her arm and leg muscles had shortened in due course and required some surgeries. In Germany, she was provided some advanced medication. Her state of wakefulness improved. She was slowly recovering.

A Year Later

After another year passed, Omair got into a huge fight with the hospital authorities. The quarrel took place inside Munira’s room. And that’s when they spotted that she stirred a little in her bed. She made some unusual noise which led Omair to call for help immediately. The doctors assured him all was fine and there was no need to worry. Munira had received another major shock, possibly because of the argument which she could hear in her vegetative state.

More three days passed without any further improvement until one fine day she called out her son’s name. It was the first word she uttered after twenty-seven years! The moment was one of sheer delight for her son. Omair confessed that he dreamed of such a day several times. Munira’s state improved over time and she could respond to stimuli and communicate briefly.

Currently, she has been brought back to her homeland and is undergoing physiotherapy. This is important as her posture requires to improve. Her muscles need to contract and expand normally too.

A Miracle In Disguise

Waking up from what is often called a deep slumber, to use non-medical terms, is extremely rare. Even after the miraculous moment, recovery can slag and also deteriorate. No scientific theory can predict how much time one needs to recover and whether or not they actually will. Some people survive coma but become permanently disabled because of the damage caused to the brain. There can be a loss of hearing, eyesight or muscular function.

More Stories To Strengthen Your Belief

Munira Abdulla is not the only person to have survived such a long coma and come back, almost from the dead. Terry Wallis, an American teenager who suffered a car accident, went into such a coma. He was in a vegetative state and recovered after nineteen whole years! His body is may have actually re-grown a brain tissue. Human bodies can perform magic it seems!

Michael Schumacher, Former F1 world champion, went into a coma after he met with an accident while skiing. Schumacher’s head was injured and the chances of recovery were very low. He was put under medically-induced coma. He was shifted to his home in Switzerland where the treatment continued. He is recovering slowly but steadily.

“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” We totally agree!