Depression is very real. Many people may deny it but that’s just completely absurd. Depression takes place in people from all walks of life. So, thinking that having a lot of money, or a big house, or a stable career is going to prevent depression is plain wrong. We have always thought that celebrities are immune to it. Our perception of celebrities is that their personal life is similar to their movie persona. We might as well think that Tom Cruise jumps across buildings daily, if we continue down that road. But that is never the case. Celebrities have a private life, which can be filled with problems. Having a lot of money is no substitute for inner happiness. And there are a lot of celebrities who would tell you the same.

Two celebrities, extremely famous, extremely wealthy, and from two different walks of life have come together in their fight against depression- Jim Carrey and Ariana Grande. The star of “Ace Ventura”, “The Truman Show” and “Dumb & Dumber” is considered a king of comic acting. But in recent times, Carrey shifted from a life before the camera to a life far removed from it. He started undergoing a metaphysical transformation that allowed him to go past the illusion that life provides and see it for the daily struggle that it really is. His diggings into the philosophy of life are pretty well documented, in the sense that he has quotes famous books, famous gurus, and famous mantras in many of his tweets. But how does a Hollywood actor get involved in something philosophical with a singer?

Ariana Grande, the brand name behind the music industry had been reeling with depression for quite a long time. Thrust into the spotlight at a very young age, it is natural that she had difficulties balancing both her private and public life. It put a strain on her mental faculties. Added to that, her ex flame Mac Miller recently passed away, and her fall out with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson made the news. All this served nothing, but put her deeper into a state of depression, where all seemed bleak. Then, there was the Manchester Arena bombing in the Ariana Grande concert that put her into a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Being the brave woman that she is, she never shied from talking about it in public. She also got to know about Jim Carrey’s delving into the metaphysics of life, and found solace – companionship.

In a tweet, Ariana Grande reposted another tweet of Jim Carrey addressed. Earlier, she had uploaded an Instagram story highlighting what Jim believed in.

Carrey’s idea about depression is that, it is ‘deep rest’. He believes that instead of thinking it as a disease that needs to be medicated, and analyzed, depression should be heard. The words spoken should not be considered the ravings of a madman, and should actually be understood for the broken heart inside. The loneliness, the rage, the tears just beneath the surface, the lies, the hate, the pretense, all that wants to come out, to explode on to the universe needs to be heard. He believes that this ‘deep rest’, is a condition that takes place when we are ‘pressed down’ under a burden of this mask, this self-proclaimed identity, this façade of existence that hides the struggle and the desire for truth inside. And finally, as he finishes this quote derived from his friend Jeff Foster, he talks about how Foster believes that depression contains the seed of a new life.

This battle against depression can be understood pretty easily. Jim Carrey battled it in his yesteryears, Ariana Grande is battling it. And so are many other celebrities, who have to plaster a fake smile on their face as they get out of their houses and face the paparazzi. They have to pretend that all is well, while their marriage might be failing or their career might be ending or they might be suffering from something. They might simply be asking themselves, ‘Why Me?’

After the Instagram story, Jim Carrey addressed a tweet to Ariana Grande thanking her for mentioning him and citing his friend, the author Jeff Foster. He wished her health, happiness and congratulated her on having an open mind. He ended the tweet, wishing her a Happy Easter. Needless to say, Arian Grande was elated.

She replied back with a tweet of her addressing to Jim, where she mentioned how big a fan she was of him, and what he actually meant to her. How his life had not just touched her, but countless others. His struggles, his pain, his troubles, and then his victory was an inspiration in itself. She tweeted that she would tattoo this message on her forehead, while sending him ‘lots of love’.

Ariana claimed that she was out of breath after the post. Fangirling did not end there. She also posted another tweet saying ‘jimcarreyfan42’ is extremely grateful. ‘jimcarreyfan42’ was Grande’s first AIM username.

Depression shouldn’t be shunned, or talked about in hushed tones. This suffering, this endless pain, this running down a treadmill throughout your life for that elusive piece of cheese that never seems to be on your fingertips is painful. This life, with all its pretense, with all its façade, is always going to be an illusion. Maybe, these ‘seeds of new life’, as Jeff Foster calls, will give rise to a kind of optimism that is pragmatic, and real. Something, that would be true and real.